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Solid wood flooring, engineered flooring, laminate flooring

At Upgrade Property Maintenance we use our specialist wooden flooring fitters to install your wooden flooring at a very high standard, however large or small the job may be. We can supply an exceptional range of premium hard wood and laminate flooring from leading brands to suite all budgets. All products come with full manufacturers guarantee.

Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is made from one piece of hardwood timber. The width of the boards can range from 90mm - 210mm and the average thickness is 18mm. The main disadvantages of solid flooring is with its installation.

Solid oak wood flooring naturally expands and contracts after installation, it will also react to moisture problems in either the subfloor or the room it is installed in. With this in mind special care needs to be taken when installing and strict guidelines must be meet.

Solid Wooden Flooring Unlike any other, this is a living product which continues to impress. When fitted and cared for correctly, a good quality, solid wood floor has the potential to last a lifetime. Solid wood can be secured using different methods, including; secret nailing and adhesives.

Solid wood floors tend to add real value to any home, making them excellent investments. 


Engineered wood Flooring

Engineered wood Flooring is constructed of several layers of wood. It will usually consist of three different layers, a top hardwood layer, a core middle section and also a balancing bottom layer. All these are glued together under extreme pressure at 90 degree angles to each other.

The top layer is what gives the engineered floor its looks, this is a real hardwood layer which can vary in thickness from 0.7mm up to 6mm. The middle section is what give the floor its stability and strength and can be made from softwood, plywood or HDF. The bottom balancing layer will usually be made from softwood. It is this construction which makes an engineered floor much more stable than a solid wood floor and thus can be installed as a floating floor over any type of subfloor. Floating installation is by far the easiest of all installation options.


 We have many samples of our different types of wooden flooring, and offer a free quotation, if you like us to arrange a visit then please email us here