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We have the information you need to make a decision on who you hire to professionally renovate and Restore your Wooden Flooring.

We are first and foremost Timber Floor Restoration Specialists, and whether or not you have Real Wooden Floors, Pine Floorboards, Antique Hardwood Floors, or Engineered Wood Flooring or perhaps lucky enough to have Parquet Wood Block Floors, all these floor types can be given the fullFloor Sanding Treatment with our virtually Dust Free Floor Sanding Machinery and tried and tested floor sanding processes.

The Wood Floors we have restored are then refinished with high quality Seals and Specialist Wood Flooring Lacquers that will completely transform your Wood Floors for many years to come.

Our Parquet Wood Flooring repair service is an integral part of our comprehensive Wood Floor Restoration and Renovation package that can completely transform and restore Parquet Wood Block Flooring and bring back it's natural beauty and elegance.

Our Floor Sanding Prices and Costs are very affordable and start from £17.50 per m2 for a Full Sand off and Re-Seal with a 3 coat quality specialist wood floor Lacquer. 

Wood Floor Seals, Lacquers and Oils

After your 
Wooden Floors have been fully sanded and properly prepared to a smooth finish, they are protected with a Wood Floor Seal, this is often referred to as VARNISH, but in professional terms varnish is only one type of wooden floor sealer.

Quality lacquers and seals protect the finished wood surface, offering a stain resistant durable finishthat combined with the correct maintenance and cleaning regime will last the end user for years.

If you want to economize on your project we advise you opt for a lower specification product rather than an inferior seal. A cheap seal will result in greater expense in the longer term due to the need for more frequent re-sands.

What is the difference between wax/oils and lacquer ?

Oils and wax give a shine but are nearly always slightly duller in overall appearance, it appears a more subtle, natural effect, you do however need to maintain the floor coating more regularly if using oils and wax based products, where as lacquer finishes do not require attention other than regular cleaning and the occasional polish.

How Long Will My Seal Last ?

As long as good care is taken of it [the wood floor] and under normal domestic traffic conditions

typical re-coating times:

  • part acrylic seal should last 3+ years
  • a high traffic seal should last 5+ years
  • a polyx oil seal will need touching up yearly, if not sooner.

These timings are approximate and depend on the volume of traffic and the type of shoes and footwear that go over the floor, and the cleaning regime of the homeowner - If you really want the seal on your wood floors to last as long as possible, you might consider making your house a shoe-free zone!

PRO TIP: Re-coat Your Wood Floor before the seal has worn through and you will avoid a more costly full re-sand and seal.


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